Initially, the graduate programmes were administered by the School (now Faculties) and the Registry. In October 1982, the School of Graduate Studies was formally established with Professor E.J. Alagoa as the first Dean, and it became necessary to streamline the procedures for the operation of graduate programmes. The General Regulations approved by Senate required each Faculty to set up a "Departmental Graduate Studies Committee" to make recommendations regarding all matters concerning graduate programmes to its Faculty Board. Senate also established the “Higher Degrees Committee” (a Committee of the School of Graduate Studies) to “advise Senate on all matters relating to higher degrees”.


Furthermore in 1984, the Higher Degrees Committee recommended for the approval of Senate a paper entitled “Proposals for Amendment/Streamlining of the School of Graduate Studies” initiated by the then Dean Professor Francis A. Onofeghara. At its 68th Meeting held on 23rd May, 1984, Senate considered and approved the paper No. SP/83-84/134, which among other things, established the Board of the School of Graduate Studies to replace the Higher Degrees committee, and a new organizational structure for the School of Graduate Studies with effect from October 1984.

In 2011, the Graduate School was further re-organized. Two Associate Deans were appointed to administer the Graduate School of Science and Graduate School of Arts.

This facilitated communication between the Graduate School and the Faculties and Departments. Furthermore, Committees were instituted to strengthen administration in the Graduate School. For instance, the Results Verification Committee verifies and certifies all postgraduate results before they are presented to senate. The New programmes Committee ensures that all new programmes conform with the requirements of the National Universities Commission and those of the Graduate School, University of Port Harcourt before they are approved. The Postgraduate Seminar Correction Verification Committee confirms that Ph.D candidates effect corrections recommended by the panel of assessors at the monthly Graduate Seminar presentations.


At the 386th meeting held on Wednesday, 29th August 2012 Senate considered and approved a report Actualization of School of Graduate Studies Mandate.  The Graduate School was transformed into the College of Graduate Studies comprising four Graduate Schools i.e. Graduate School of Engineering and Technology, Graduate School of Management, Business and Trade, Graduate School of Arts, Education and Social Sciences and Graduate School of Natural, Applied and Medical Sciences. (See organogram).

 The upgrade of the School of Graduate Studies has strategically repositioned the Institution to take giant strides towards academic excellence and capacity building in students. The College under the dynamic firm and resourceful leadership of Prof. (Mrs.) R.S. Konya JP places high premium on academic excellence through quality research. The Ph.D candidates are expected to attend conferences and publish at least two journal articles in indexed journals before graduating. The Masters students are required to publish at least one journal article in an indexed journal as well attend conferences before graduating. The College of Graduate Studies, University of Port Harcourt has put in place a policy on “Overstay”. The policy has encouraged both staff and students to operate within the stipulated time frame.

The College has also put in place a mechanism whereby supervisors provide annual reports on the progress of their students. By the same mechanism, students give annual reports on their supervisors. Supervisors and supervisees are by this measure encouraged to be partners in progress. Recent developments relating to admission and development of infrastructure in the College of Graduate Studies indicate that the College will soon transform the University of Port Harcourt into a postgraduate institution offering some undergraduate programmes. This development is related to the full realization that the national and global rating of any university is predominantly a function of the research activities in Postgraduate programmes. The current crop of highly motivated staff and the promise of appropriate infrastructure, shall propel the College of Graduate Studies, University of Port Harcourt to an enviable height.

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