Programmes & Degrees




(a)          Comparative Literature Programme

1.      MA, PhD in Comparative Literature


(b)          Department of English Studies

1.      MA, PhD in Theory of Literature

2.      MA, PhD in African Literature

3.      MA, PhD in African Oral Literature

4.      MA, PhD in Applied English Linguistics

5.      MA, PhD in Sociolinguistics


(c)           Department of Fine Arts & Design

1.      MA, PhD in African Art History

2.      MA, PhD in Design History

3.      MA, PhD in Painting

4.      MA, PhD in Sculpture

5.      MA, PhD in Ceramic Design

6.      MA, PhD in Graphic Designs & Communication

7.      MA, PhD in Textiles and Fashion Design


(d)          Department of Foreign Languages & Literature

1.      MA, PhD in African Literature in French

2.      MA, PhD in French Literature

3.      MA, PhD in Comparative Literature

4.      MA, PhD in Sociolinguistics

5.      Postgraduate Diploma in French

6.      Postgraduate Diploma in Translation

(e)          Department of Philosophy

1.      MA, PhD in Philosophy of Science

2.      MA, PhD in Social & Political Philosophy

3.      MA, PhD in African Philosophy

4.      MA, PhD in Epistomology

5.      MA, PhD in Metaphysics

6.      MA, PhD in Ethics

7.      MA, PhD in Social Science

8.      MA, PhD in Philosophy of Law


(f)   Department of Theatre Arts

1.      MA, PhD in Dramatic Theory & Criticism

2.      MA, PhD in Sociology of Drama

3.      MA, PhD in Film Studies

4.      MA, PhD in Theatre and Cultural Administration

5.      MA, PhD in Directing

6.      MA, PhD in Theatre History

7.      MA, PhD in Technical Theatre

8.      MA, PhD in Play writing

9.      MA, PhD in Costume and Make-up

10.  MA, PhD in Theatre Education


(g)          Department of Religious & Cultural Studies

1.      MA, PhD in African Indigenous Religion

2.      MA, PhD in Church History

3.      MA, PhD in Bible Studies

4.      MA, PhD in Islamic Studies

5.      MA, PhD in Sociology of Religion

6.      MA, PhD in Philosophy of Religion

7.      MA, PhD in Religious Ethics


(h)          Department of History & Diplomatic Studies

1.      MA, PhD in Diplomacy

2.      MA, PhD in History & Niger Delta Studies

3.      MA, PhD in African History & Development Studies

4.      MA, PhD in Cultural Heritage Management

5.      Postgraduate Diploma in History & Diplomatic Studies


(i)   Department of Linguistics & Communication Studies

1.      MA, PhD in Linguistics

2.      MA, PhD in Linguistics (Igbo, Ikwerre etc)

3.      MA, PhD in Communication

4.      Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies

5.     Centre for Children Developmental and Communication Disorders

i.                     Postgraduate Diploma in Disability Studies

ii.                   Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Therapy




(a)          Department of Educational Management

1.      MEd, PhD in Educational Administration

2.      MEd, PhD in Educational Planning

3.      MEd, PhD in Administration of Higher Education

4.      MEd, PhD in Economics of Education


(b)          Department of Educational Foundation

1.      MEd, PhD in Philosophy of Education

2.      MEd, PhD in History & Policies of Education

3.      MEd, PhD in Sociology of Education

4.      MEd, PhD in Comparative Education


(c)           Department of Psychology, Guidance & Counselling

1.      MEd, PhD in Educational Psychology

2.      MEd, PhD in Guidance & Conselling

3.      MEd, PhD in Educational Measurement & Evaluation


(d)          Department of Adult & Non-Formal Education

1.      MEd, PhD in Literacy Education

2.      MEd, PhD in Distance Education

3.      MEd, PhD in Community Development

4.      MEd, PhD in Environmental Adult Education


(e)          Department of Curriculum Studies & Educational Technology

1.      MEd, PhD in Curriculum & Instruction

2.      MEd, PhD in Educational Technology

3.      MEd, PhD in Social Studies Education

4.      MEd, PhD in Science Education

5.      MEd, PhD in Language Education

6.      MEd, PhD in Mathematics Education


(f)           Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education

Physical Education:

1.      MEd, PhD in Physiology of Exercise

2.      MEd, PhD in Sports Administration & Marketing

3.      MEd, PhD in Sports Psychology

4.      MEd, PhD in Sociology of Sport

Health Education:

5.      MEd, PhD in Community Health Education

6.      MEd, PhD in Occupational Health and Safety Education

7.      MEd, PhD in School Health Education

8.      MEd, PhD in Human Sexuality & Population Studies


(g)          Institute of Education

1.      Postgraduate Diploma in Education


(h)          Patience Jonathan Centre for Gender  and Development Studies

1.      MA Gender Studies





(a)          Department Economics

1.      MSc, PhD in Economic Theory

2.      MSc, PhD in Monetary Economics

3.      MSc, PhD in Development Economics

4.      MSc, PhD in Labour & Manpower Economics

5.      MSc, PhD in Quantitative Economics

6.      Postgraduate Diploma in Economics


(b)          Department of Geography & Environmental Management

1.      MSc, PhD in Urban Geography

2.      MSc, PhD in Rural Land Use & Rural Development

3.      MSc, PhD in Transport Geography

4.      MSc, PhD in Regional Development Planning

5.      MSc, PhD in Climatology

6.      MSc, PhD in Geomorphology

7.      MSc in Environmental Management

8.      MSc in Biogeography

9.      Postgraduate Diploma in Geography & Environmental Management


(c)           Department of Sociology

1.      MSc, PhD in Development

2.      MSc, PhD in Criminology

3.      MSc, PhD in Human Resource Management & Development

4.      Postgraduate Diploma in Sociology


(d)Department of Political & Administrative Studies

1.      MSc, PhD in Political Theory

2.      MSc, PhD in Development Studies

3.      MSc, PhD in International Relations

4.      MSc, PhD in Nigerian Government & Politics

5.      Postgraduate Diploma in International Affairs


(e)          Centre for Logistics & Transport Studies

1.      MSc, PhD in Logistic & Transport Studies


(f)           Centre for Disaster Risk Management & Development Studies

1.      MSc in Risk Management & Development Studies


(g)          Centre for Ethnic and Conflict Studies

1.      Postgraduate Diploma in Conflict Management


(h)          Claude Ake School of Government

1.      Executive Master in Public Administration (MPA)






(a)  Department of Accounting

1.      MBA, MSc, PhD in Accounting

2.      Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting


(b)          Department of Management

1.      MBA, MSc, PhD in Management

2.      Postgraduate Diploma in Management


(c)           Department of Marketing

1.      MBA, MSc, PhD in Marketing

2.      Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing


(d)          Department of Finance & Banking

1.      MBA, MSc, PhD in Finance & Banking

2.      Postgraduate Diploma in Finance & Banking


(e)          University of Port Harcourt Business School [UPBS]

1.      MBA, MSc in Health Care

2.      MBA, MSc in Security Management

3.      MBA Executive

4.      Postgraduate Diploma in Management

5.      Postgraduate Diploma in Security

(f)           Bamanga Tukur Institute (International Trade) BTI

1.      MSc International Trade




College Of Natural And Applied Sciences

FACULTY OF chemical sciences


(a) Department of Biochemistry

1.      MSc, PhD in Enzymiology

2.      MSc, PhD in Nutrition & Toxicology

3.      MSc, PhD in Medical Biochemistry/Immunochemistry

4.      MSc, PhD in Environmental Biochemistry

5.      MSc, PhD in Pharmacological Biochemistry

6.      Postgraduate Diploma in Biochemistry


(b)          Department of Pure & Industrial Chemistry

1.      MSc, PhD in Analytical Chemistry

2.      MSc, PhD in Inorganic Chemistry

3.      MSc, PhD in Organic Chemistry/Natural Products

4.      MSc, PhD in Physical Chemistry

5.      MSc, PhD in Petroleum Chemistry/Petrochemicals

6.      MSc, PhD in Mineral Processing/Chemical Metallurgy

7.      MSc, PhD in Polymer Science/Technology

8.      MSc, PhD in Powder Tech./Chemical Products Processing

9.      MSc, PhD in Environmental Chemistry

10.  MSc, PhD in Pharmaceutical/Medical Chemistry

11.  Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry



(c)           Department of Physics

1.      MSc, PhD in Theoretical Physics

2.      MSc, PhD in Solid State Electronics

3.      MSc, PhD in Physics – Materials Science

4.      MSc, PhD in Applied Geophysics

5.      MSc, PhD in Environmental & Radiation Physics

6.      Postgraduate Diploma in Physics (awaiting approval)


(d)          Department of Geology

1.      MSc, PhD in Engineering Geology/Hydrogeology

2.      MSc, PhD in Petroleum Geology

3.      MSc, PhD in Exploration Geophysics

4.      MSc, PhD in Environmental Geology

5.      MSc, PhD in Biostrategraphy

6.      PhD Hydrology

7.      PhD Sedimentals & Resources Geology

8.      Postgraduate Diploma in Geology

(e)          Department of Computer Science

1.      MSc, PhD in Computer Science

2.      Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science


(f)           Department of Mathematics/Statistics

1.      MSc, PhD in Pure & Applied Mathematics

2.      MSc, PhD in Statistics

3.      Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics

4.      Postgraduate Diploma in Pure Mathematics





(g)          Plant Science and Biotechnology

1.      MSc, PhD in Plant Physiology

2.      MSc, PhD in Mycology and Plant Pathology

3.      MSc, PhD in Plant Ecology

4.      MSc, PhD in Plant Biosystematics and Taxonomy

5.      Postgraduate Diploma in Plant Science & Biotechnology


(h)          Department of Microbiology

1.      MSc, PhD in Food Microbiology

2.      MSc, PhD in Industrial Microbiology

3.      MSc, PhD in Environmental Microbiology & Bioremediation

4.      Postgraduate Diploma in Microbiology



(i)           Department of Animal and Environmental Biology

1.      MSc, PhD in Environmental Parasitology

2.      MSc, PhD in Hydrobiology & Fisheries Biology

3.      MSc, PhD in Environmental Animal Physiology

4.      MSc, PhD in Environmental Entomology & Pest Management

5.      Postgraduate Diploma in Animal & Environmental Biology


Institute of Natural Resources, Environment & Sustainable Development

1.      MSc Natural Resources & Environmental  Management




1.      Doctor of Medicine (MD)


(a)          Department of Haematology, Blood Transfusion & Immunology

1.      MSc in Immunology


(b)          Department of Anatomy

1.      MSc, PhD in Human Anatomy


(c)           Department of Human Physiology

1.      MSc, PhD in Physiology

2.      Postgraduate Diploma in Physiology

(d)          Department of Pharmacology

1.      MSc, PhD in Pharmacology

(e)          MSc in Sport Medicine

(f)           MPh in Public Health

(g)          MSPH, MSc in Public Health

(h)          Sports Institute

PGD in Broadcasting/Journalism; Sports Marketing; Team Management;

Massage Therapy; Fitness and Recreation; and Sports Medicine







1.      Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

2.      Master of Environmental Engineering Technology (MENVT)




1.      Faculty of Process and Energy Systems Engineering


(a)          Department of Chemical Engineering

1.      MEng, PhD in Chemical Engineering

2.      Postgraduate Diploma in Chemical Engineering


(b)          Department of Petroleum & Gas Engineering

1.      MSc Energy Management

2.      MSc Fuel & Energy and Policy          

3.      MEng, PhD in Reservoir Engineering & Management

4.      MEng in Production Engineering

5.      MEng in Petroleum Economics

6.      MEng in Gas Engineering

7.      MEng, PhD in Drilling & Well Engineering

8.      PhD in Petroleum Economics & Risk Management

9.      PhD in Natural Gas Engineering & Utilization

10.  PhD in Petroleum Production  Engineering

11.  Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering


Faculty of Infrastructure System Engineering


(a)          Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

1.      MEng in Civil Engineering

2.      MEng in Geotechnical Engineering

3.      MEng in  Highway and Transportation Engineering

4.      MEng in Environmental Health Engineering

5.      MEng in Structural Engineering

6.      MEng in Water Resources Engineering

7.      PhD in Civil Engineering (in various areas of research interest)

(b)          Department of Structural/Geo-technical Engineering

(c)           Department of Water Resources Engineering

(d)          Department of High way & Transportation Engineering


Faculty of Production Power System and Communication Engineering

(a)     Department of Mechanical Engineering

1.      MEng in Industrial/Production Engineering

2.      MEng in Applied Mechanics & Design

3.      MEng in Thermofluid Engineering

4.      PhD in Applied Mechanic & Design

5.      PhD in Engineering Materials

6.      PhD in Industrial & Production Engineering

7.      PhD in Thermofluid Engineering

8.      Postgraduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


(b)  Department of Electrical Engineering

1.      MEng in Power Systems & Machines

2.      PhD in Electrical Engineering

(c)Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering

1.      MEng in Electronic & Telecommunication

(d)          Department of Agricultural Engineering

(e)          Department of Power Resources Engineering

(f)           Department of Mechatronics Engineering




Institute of Petroleum Studies


Centre for Oil and Gas Technology

1.      MSc Petroleum Engineering & Project Development

2.      Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Technology


Centre for Petroleum Geosciences

1 MSc in Petroleum Geosciences



Centre for Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Technology

1.      MSc, PhD Environmental Technology & Management

2.      MSc, PhD Occupational Health & Safety


Institute of Engineering Technology & Innovation Management

1.      MSc, MEng, MTech, PhD in Engineering Management

2.      MSc, MEng, MTech, PhD in Technology Management

3.      MSc, MEng, MTech, ICT Management


Centre for Nuclear Energy Studies

1.      MSc, PhD Nuclear Engineering

2.      MSc Nuclear Science 


Institute of Offshore Technology

1.      MSc Subsea Engineering

2.      MSc Pipeline Engineering


Centre for Refining and Petro-Chemicals

1.      MSc Refining and Petrochemical


Centre for Information and Telecommunication Engineering

1.      MSc Information and Telecommunication Engineering


Emerald Institute of Economics, Policy and Strategic Studies

1.      MSc Petroleum Economics, Policy & Strategy